Free download ODIS-Service ODIS 3.1.1 software for VAS 5054A


Here is the newest Offboard Diag Setup-Service VWMCD ODIS 3.1.1 – RC387P B32.6.1.6 for VAS5054A or 5054 plus users. Free download ODIS 3.1.1:!W5clhTBJ!ch9PeRtAqtnsK0YXErlfdnEdbDXtO07zlASk_ZV20fY Free, No pass, but unknown security For scanner and vehicle safety, you are advised to use ODIS… Continue Reading

Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Almost Five Star (newest reviews)


Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 is an auto scanner which can detect all modules for almost all cars after 1998. It is competitive in all system+ data stream function than other similar tools with same price. Check following reviews and find… Continue Reading

Newest update FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 Full & Locksmith version


FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 is newly released for both FLY OBD Terminator Full Version and FLY OBD Terminator Locksmith version. You can update it online. More update details are as follows: FLY OBD Terminator V1.5 (2016-8-17): Write odometer; adjust mileage… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR F102 or NSPC001, which for Nissan Infiniti key programming?


OBDSTAR F102 or NSPC001, which for Nissan Infiniti key programming? OBDSTAR F102 = PIN code reader + key programmer + mileage adjustment tool for Nissan/Infiniti NSPC001 = Nissan PIN code reader Comparison between OBDSTAR F102 and NSPC001: Nissan Infiniti PIN… Continue Reading

Free download Renault CAN CLIP V160 software in mega


Free download the latest CAN CLIP V160 for Renault diagnosis here. It’s customer share. Renault CAN Clip V160:!79hyVJKQ!I0SiqSRHeyplLm3r2kBvc591okKZEI4vtl20-48buFA CLIP V160 is being tested. You download and try it ON YOUR OWN RISK. CAN CLIP V159: CLIP V159 is… Continue Reading

XTOOL PS2 PS90 Update Ford V10.00 BMW V10.10 (13th Aug, 2016)


This is newest update details of PS2/ PS90 Gasoline Series Ford V10.00 BMW V10.10. XTOOL PS2 GDS XTOOL EZ400 same as XTOOL PS90 PS2/ PS90 Gasoline Series Ford V10.00 Language version of the vehicle system software is currently… Continue Reading

Why choose DAF VCI Lite V1 to replace DAF VCI-560?


It’s said that DAF VCI Lite V1 can replace DAF VCI-560 to diagnose/troubleshoot/program all DAF trucks from oldest till newest EU6, is that true? Here is comparison list between DAF VCI Lite and DAF VCI-560 on price, function and software… Continue Reading 6th Anniversary Promotion Storewide 7%+Free Gifts 6th Anniversary Promotion

Hello Dear Customer Have a nice day, thanks for your support for and 6th Anniversary Promotion Second Wave come Storewide 7% off, no coupon code need+ Free Gifts Sub Total Free Gift List Quantity ≥1500EUR OBDSTAR VAG… Continue Reading