How to install Renault CAN CLIP v164 on Window XP

Renault CAN CLIP v164, how to install? how-to guide of  Renault CAN Clip V164 software installation for you all…   You can free download Renault CAN CLIP v164.exe at your own risk or spend some pennies with tested versions from for sake of security… Continue Reading

Renault Can CLIP V164 download on Mega: Tested YES

Renault CLIP V164 is tested to work no issues!  Free download Can CLIP V164 for Renault:!7wBgXByB!xnuJ_FQkwx74oHNpiolJircwc9yev1_OYG39WGhGwOo It’s crack, no pass but NOT the tested version.   Safe to use: Renault Can CLIP V163.exe Renault Can CLIP diagnostic interface   EDIT: (01/13/2017) Renault… Continue Reading

MPPS V18 Correctly reads EDC17cp14 in Bootmode from Jarol (thanks a lot)

Hello I bought MPPS V18 interface. I tested it with a variety of ECU and it works very well. All the tested ECU without problem reads and writes. If you want I can put videos of these tests. I was programming different drivers EDC15, EDC16u1, EDC16u31, EDC16u34, EDC17cp14i EDC17cp20. Below link to the video Mpps v18 Correctly reads EDC17cp14 in Bootmode: I added also reviews with a link to the video: and MPPS V18 how-to guide: Regards Jarol

Renault Can CLIP V164 Free Download + Tested SAFE Source (Update)

Good news for sharing: newest Renault Can CLIP V164 software is now available for all Renault CLIP users! Here offers you all free download links and tested safe source!   Free download Renault Can CLIP V164 software here: (Unknown… Continue Reading

ODIS-E 5.0.14 torrent download for offline flash

Here, free download ODIS Engineer 5.0.14 torrent for offline flash with 5054a scanners or VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054. ODIS-E5.0.14 download in mega:!gg9wSbQC!gyv7bMb5RmVHe69iejw7wS69vuXxzKjM9fqjSpaF_es Can ODIS 5.0.14 flash online or offline? For online flash you must have valid license and valid… Continue Reading