How to reset Service Interval for LANDROVER with VXDIAG interface

This post is on how to reset Service Interval for LANDROVER with VXDIAG interface. Hope it will help. Tool to use: VXDIAG interface running Landrover software Recommend you use this one price at €239 + shipping cost, details at:… Continue Reading

Original Autel MaxiCheck Pro Demo on Function, language and vehicle coverage

Original Autel MaxiCheck Pro Demo on basic information include Function menu, language, vehicle coverage and so on. Function menu display: Autel MaxiCheck Pro covers Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS/SRS), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), Oil… Continue Reading

vxdiag VCX Nano IDS v98 download and install on VMware procedure

Ford IDS98 run at VM download:!UU8VXKbA!O8ibp-syZzPcc99vthyhGRoQ3lUQpUHYb74d9omK_1A Where to buy vxdiag VCX Nano IDS v98? Highly recommend Ford IDS98 Install on VMware procedure: Part 1: prepare work 1). Disable both local area connection and wireless network connection. 2).… Continue Reading

 Autel MaxiSYS MS906, MS908P, Maxidas DS708, what’s the difference?

Recently, OBDTOOL have released the new version of Maxidas DS708- Autel MaxiSYS MS906. And here is a comparison tablet of Autel diagnostic tool- MaxiSYS MS906, MS908P, Maxidas DS708. * Top 10 reasons to get the new AUTEL MAXISYS MS906: AUTEL… Continue Reading

Launch X431 5C PRO vs. Launch X431 5C vs. Launch X431 V PRO

Original LAUNCH X431 5C / LAUNCH X431 5C Pro Wifi and Bluetooth tablet diagnostic tool is designed to replace the previous Launch X431 V (PRO). What exactly the difference between the 3 automotive multi-brand OBD2 scanners? Better check out the… Continue Reading